Fall Mums Bouquet  

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Uploaded: 11/02/07 2:06 AM GMT
Fall Mums Bouquet
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Apophysis 2.06 Beta Z+, Photofiltre... All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please view full screen.


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11/02/07 2:22 AM GMT
Very nice colors and nicely done,very colorful,looks fine and cute.
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11/02/07 2:27 AM GMT
Nice work Larry!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/02/07 2:40 AM GMT
This is REALLY quite beautiful both in color and intricate detail. I know nothing about Apophysis, so you'll pardon my ignorance when I ask ... Is that one continous stream of flowers spiraling out from the center. Just curious, perhaps it's these old eyes fooling me. Anyway ... it's a joy to view and I'm going to enjoy it some more in my favorites.Thanks
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Just an old "Grampa" who still has a Kodak "Box" camera kicking around the attic ... learning and enjoying the wonders of modern digital photography.
11/02/07 4:20 AM GMT
Superior job, my friend...I have it on desktop and even in the small size on my 20.1 screens it totally rocks..great fall colors and I have no idea how you did it, but it's one of the best adaptations of a real flower I've ever seen...of course on my hard drive and I'll be enjoying it for days to come...

♫ 005 PJ ♫

EDIT: How do you do that? *Smile*
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"I never looked for it, gave it no name; yet I knew it always, when the gift of peace came. I stood quite still for the moment that it lasted...Then the light shifted slightly and the moment passed, leaving me...with the lasting echo of its presence.." Diana Gabaldon
11/02/07 6:54 AM GMT
I really really like this. It is very cool on my desktop and is ensconced in my faves like so many of your others. The constant variety of beautiful images you create just amazes me.
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11/02/07 8:13 AM GMT
stunning and beautiful Larry! faved!!!! So very appropriate for Autumn! I love the fact you do so many different styles of fractal - I never know what to expect when I open one of your images - it is like opening a gift!
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"Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile" .... mygallery
11/02/07 11:36 AM GMT
Another surprising and amazing image.
Just tried it centred on my desktop against a black background and it looks terrific.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
11/02/07 11:39 AM GMT
Stunning fractal :) 10/10
Love the flowers and the spiral..colours look great.
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11/02/07 12:41 AM GMT
stunning, i just gave it a 10 in the vb and had to come see whos it was! gorgeous work
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11/02/07 7:17 PM GMT
Wow, this is marvellous Larry...looks like a real bunch of flowers and soooo colorful too...super job.
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“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.”
11/02/07 9:44 PM GMT
A Super work..Fantastic color mix and Beautiful design..Love it
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11/02/07 10:50 PM GMT
Thanks everybody! I'm glad you enjoyed this. =)
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11/02/07 11:24 PM GMT
This is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous design and colors.
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Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein
11/03/07 11:01 AM GMT
Sassy 'n' sweet sir!! Tons of colors really hit the viewer!! They really look like mums!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
11/03/07 11:37 PM GMT
oh yeah! Faved immediately if not sooner! Scrumptious colours and a design to get lost in.
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"If I dream I shall be real, or really myself..." Robert Penn Warren
11/04/07 2:27 AM GMT
Thanks everybody! I appreciate it. =)
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11/06/07 11:07 PM GMT
I can't begin to tell you how much I like this fractal. It's gorgeous Larry... a real beauty.
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I've got amnesia & deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before ! ......CLICK TO SAVE LIVES ! .......MY GALLERY
11/07/07 3:41 AM GMT
Thanks Lauren! I'm so glad everybody liked it. =)
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11/08/07 5:04 PM GMT
This is one of the best fractal pictures I have seen. Wonderful work! Goes to my favs. Thank´s for sharing!
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11/09/07 2:31 AM GMT
Thank you Susanne! I'm very happy you like it. =)
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11/09/07 6:58 AM GMT
Wow Larry, what a show stopper this image is! It jumped off the page and right into my favorites before I ever had a chance to study it in depth :)
Great creation my friend. You have truly outdone yourself On this one. The intricacy of the design here is fascinating. It appears as though it is a lavish bouquet of Autumn mums, but upon closer inspection one can see the inter-woven details of this creation. The color palette you chose is perfect for the name (or vice-versa),,,lol...yet, the colors are not so bold that hey overpower the image in any way.
This sure would look pretty hanging on my kitchen wall....a tribute and a *tip* of my hat to you for bringing this eye candy for me to enjoy. Many many thanks for sharing this with me ;=)
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11/09/07 5:37 PM GMT
Thanks Mimi, for your lovely comments. That makes it all worthwhile. =)
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01/05/08 2:07 PM GMT
a great creation ...really stands out:)
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01/06/08 5:01 AM GMT
Thank you Gabi!=)
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11/07/08 5:29 AM GMT
Glorious to boot!! Wonderful array and awesome colors. YEA!!!
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08/14/09 2:40 PM GMT
This is totally awesome! Can't wait to see it on my screen.
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05/01/11 5:43 AM GMT
i am keeping this beauty on my desktop as a spring bouquet..just lovely with those great colors nice work thankyou!!!
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