NGC 346: Revisited  

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Uploaded: 11/03/09 5:33 AM GMT
NGC 346: Revisited
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Please note - i upload a different lower resolution and wall paper friendly image of this region several years back. This new image is available in full and in much greater detail. The Hubble view shows one of the most dynamic and intricately detailed star-forming regions in space, located 210,000 light-years away in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. At the centre of the region is a brilliant star cluster called NGC 346. A dramatic structure of arched, ragged filaments with a distinct ridge surrounds the cluster.

A torrent of radiation from the hot stars in the cluster NGC 346, at the centre of this Hubble image, eats into denser areas around it, creating a fantasy sculpture of dust and gas. The dark, intricately beaded edge of the ridge, seen in silhouette, is particularly dramatic. It contains several small dust globules that point back towards the central cluster, like windsocks caught in a gale.

Credit: NASA, ESA and A. Nota (ESA/STScI, STScI/AURA)


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11/03/09 7:39 AM GMT
I love space. When I look at photographs from space I'm in rapture of admiration and bow before the majesty and beauty of the universe.
My favorite is the Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion.
Thank you.
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Oculus vitae sapientia.
11/03/09 7:56 AM GMT
Hubble's images always leave me in awe. They speak to that small child in me that was captivated by all the stars in the night's sky and filled me with a lifetime of wonderment. Amazing detail. Unquestionably beautiful. And a very nice write up, Phil. Thank you for that.
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It's hard to conceal a water balloon.~Calvin (Bill Watterson)
11/03/09 9:51 PM GMT
Just so Amazing image and rework..Love it.Thank you Phil.
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11/06/09 7:00 AM GMT
Incredibly amazing. Beautiful photo. Thanks for posting.

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11/06/09 4:34 PM GMT
I did not see the first but I really love this one. Faved.
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11/06/09 10:43 PM GMT
Wow!!! really amazing shot you have here.
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