Fractured Beauty  

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Uploaded: 08/07/06 7:40 PM GMT
Fractured Beauty
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Apop.Photofiltre. A beautiful thing that's fractured and broken, but it's still beautiful. Ahhh if we could only do the same. Thanks J


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08/07/06 8:49 PM GMT
This is spectacular, wow. Great job.. I've never seen one lit up like this and it has a sort of shell exterior too. Beautiful.
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08/07/06 9:08 PM GMT
Incredible ... I agree this does resemble a broken shell. Amazing shine & detail ... a beautiful design with a perfect title. Outstanding work John ... a winner for sure. Heading straight to my fav's ... thank you.
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08/07/06 9:44 PM GMT
This, too, is beautiful on the desktop, John. Very pleasing! - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
08/07/06 9:44 PM GMT
I really like the colors it brings out your good side john lol.
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08/07/06 10:32 PM GMT
Nicely done. Makes a great background.
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08/07/06 11:30 PM GMT
Really cool looking transparent layers of colored glass! Even appears to have light filtering through it! Nice one!
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08/08/06 1:31 AM GMT
This fractured beauty is awsome! 3D looking, very unusual. I understand what you mean about repairing ourselves, but what I think is that sometimes a beautiful ruin is better than a new sterile plastic object. Great work and into the faves. :)
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08/08/06 1:51 AM GMT
I like this one alot John. You've done well here! + Fav's.
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08/08/06 2:00 AM GMT
You need to have an art show to feature all of your amazing work. Each one more fantastic than the last! You keep out-doing yourself!
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08/08/06 2:10 AM GMT
Amazing! It looks like shattered oyster shells! Great job John!..=)
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08/08/06 2:54 AM GMT
Lovely colors, again, and for some reason it reminds me of mica...don't know why...but I like it :)PJ
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08/08/06 4:57 AM GMT
This is different. I like the sharper edges that make this look like glass or capiz shell. Excellent colors too.
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08/08/06 10:25 PM GMT
Smokin' render dude!! Perfect as is!! Cynlee above sez it best!! Snazzy color works!!
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08/09/06 12:32 AM GMT
Fantastic work the colours and the beautiful light, it looks kinda like a mother-of-pearl shine to it... beautiful work
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08/10/06 12:48 AM GMT
Great work John! Looks like broken smokey glass to me. Thanks! ;)
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08/10/06 11:28 AM GMT
THis is excllent work john and up there as one of your best. I love the broken glass lok of the image. The colours really enhance the effect. Excellent work
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08/11/06 3:25 PM GMT
Very pretty, looks like spun caramal & spun sugar. A beautiful gradient as well..... NIcely done John !
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09/10/06 6:23 PM GMT
That's a cool fractal! Excellent.
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09/11/06 3:25 AM GMT
Excellent John! I love this, it looks like spun glass to me. Your so skilled with this media, very well done!
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Still a bit busy with projects but please know that I appreciate you all, and will stop by and visit your images as often as I can. My best to all my friends. Sincerely, Carrie
10/08/06 7:56 AM GMT
Oh John...this is absolutely beautiful! Yes, indeed, if we could only do the same thing..
this appears to me like pink toned little "papershell" seashells, have you ever seen one? they look so much like this. Except they are white. You have done a wonderful job with this intricate work of art....verena
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10/27/06 9:46 PM GMT
The contrasts against the mother of pearl effects are fabulous
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10/31/06 10:24 PM GMT
Truly a beauty. It is refreshing to see this group of colors and it has the look of milk-stained glass. Bravo!
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11/30/06 6:34 AM GMT
wonderful, and an excellent description
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Odd Mandala Lives!
12/30/06 6:56 PM GMT
yes, yes, yes... great collers, and it realy look like it is a kind of skin or shel.
i am wondering how long you have been working on it.
just beautifull
and fanks for sharing

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