Color My World  

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Uploaded: 08/03/06 8:34 PM GMT
Color My World
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Apop.Photofiltre. A colorful world is a beautiful place. Hope you like it. Thanks J


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08/03/06 9:06 PM GMT
This is an excellent image. I really like those bright colors.
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08/03/06 9:19 PM GMT
Another beauty. My friend, you have outdone yourself today. You are getting SO good at this. I am serious, so no LSHIAP or LMAO. Both in my faves. :)
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08/03/06 9:23 PM GMT
My first impression was a "beach ball". Don't ask me why, but you are right a "colorful world is beautiful place". Gorgeous bright colors that just light up the screen. Great job John ... I love it.
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08/03/06 9:50 PM GMT
This makes a great desktop. Thanks. Donna
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08/03/06 10:34 PM GMT
Oh yeah..the old "Chicago" song! Good one John! Plenty of color to go round here! The world would sure be boring in B&W wouldnt it?? Nice job bud!
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Life ain't always beautiful; but it's a beautiful life!~ Gary Allan song
08/03/06 11:02 PM GMT
And the colors you chose blend beautifully, John. It's easy on the eyes :) - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
08/03/06 11:15 PM GMT
Very lovely prism.
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08/03/06 11:58 PM GMT
Now I know what inside a rainbow looks like =)... beautiful colours and flame.... well done FD
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08/04/06 1:56 AM GMT
I like this one a lot. The depth is amazing, and the colors are so bright and happy.
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08/04/06 1:59 AM GMT
Very pretty John...abstract drips of paint ! Nicely done !
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I'm not myself today .......maybe I'm you !! ......CLICK TO SAVE LIVES ! .......MY GALLERY
08/04/06 2:42 AM GMT
Cool neon colors and effects! Nice job John!..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
08/04/06 4:43 AM GMT
Another gorgeous creation John! Love the rainbow of colors in this!!
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08/04/06 10:30 AM GMT
Very pretty John. It's also the title to one of my pieces too. ;) I like the way the colors flow and look like they are in motion. Sarah
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08/04/06 10:32 AM GMT

Zappy 'n' zingy colours really set this one off beautifully John!! Stunning!!

~plop, right into my favs~
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08/04/06 3:11 PM GMT
John, can you whip me up some cool sunglasses with these lenses? This rocks! I think this is my favorite of yours... ok, maybe a TOP favorite... since there are so many that I adore. Great job, as usual.
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08/05/06 3:44 AM GMT
This is wonderful. I like the feel of the image. it really brightens up the place. Great work
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08/06/06 3:34 PM GMT
is a best ive eva a seen a, i am a burstin wid happiness to see you!
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08/09/06 3:43 PM GMT
Great title for this bright colored beauty. Awesome flame dude!!
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09/24/06 11:12 PM GMT
so pretty! i really like the colours
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10/08/06 8:01 AM GMT
Oh my gosh! And yet another magnificient creation! I havent visited Abstracts in a while...and now here I am at one in the morning and I cant stop looking at them. I love what you've done! This design of yours is like seeing music with my eyes. I love this one too..gosh I think I'll have to give the next four or more weeks to your fractal creations my friend!...right onto my desktop...they make me smile and dream of colours. When I do my canvas paintings and write poetry, my mind fills with colours..and you have brought that feeling out even more. I thank you so much.Verena
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My part is to improve the present moment.....
04/30/10 8:40 PM GMT

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Susie Sun
11/03/11 9:57 PM GMT
Gorgeous! Love the shapes and the colors. Faved!
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