Orange Spider Jewel  

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Uploaded: 05/18/06 4:53 AM GMT
Orange Spider Jewel
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I spent quite a while messing about with the background but in the end I preferred this plain one. The second version I'll upload has the fancier backdrop, tell me which you prefer.

More images and prints available in my Deviant art and Redbubble galleries.


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05/18/06 7:48 AM GMT
I can see why you prefer this one, it has that touch of simplicity that is one of your trademarks, but the other one is too cool, not to be preferred by me. ^_^
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05/18/06 8:58 AM GMT
&kjh000 has said it well, however i myself prefer the other blue one and again it is an excellent piece of work. thanks for sharing these pictures
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05/18/06 9:48 AM GMT
Most excellent work!! Luv the colour scheme you picked out for us Sam!! Purrrfect overall placement and the lighting couldn't be any better!! Congrats!!
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05/18/06 9:50 AM GMT
Actually, I saw the other one first...but I like this one better...must be the greater simplicity...
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05/18/06 10:20 AM GMT
Very simple with clear and crisp designs.Very nice work Sam.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
05/18/06 11:35 AM GMT
Very nice, clean & sharp & that pretty apple green makes me hungry ! Nice Sam !
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05/18/06 12:11 AM GMT
I think rather than compare, I am able to appreciate both as separate images.
Definitely a very clean and perfect image here....while the other is more dreamy and maybe a night-optic.
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05/19/06 12:56 AM GMT
i like both jewels. the gold one would be perfect to use as a background for a notice, sign,stationery, etc. the blue one is prettier. both are very nice work. jen
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05/19/06 4:16 AM GMT
I prefer this one to the blue one, because of the stark simplicity and pure lines. The colors really complement one another.
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