Contest Results: "What is it?"

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Ended 02/09/12 2:15 AM GMT
Winner: nanadoo (See the full results)

1st place
Fire and Ice by nanadoo

cynlee: Congratulations, Rita. That was a very lovely entry.

Fifthbeatle: good job and congrats on # 1

AlatarielIdril: Um.... yeah, WOW! Very cool!

luckyshot: Rita - A very cool capture - kudos! Thad

cynlee: Wow, I guess so! This is the kind of thing fractalists attempt to create in software programs. So pretty.

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2nd place
Hmmm - What is it? by luckyshot

ovar2008: For me this is a glass made in Marinha Grande (our great glass factories). Great DT my friend.

LynEve: Nice one -- makes a great desktop and I think I know what it is but still look forward to hearing the answer.
Best of luck in the contest :)

luckyshot received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Oh, What IS It? by cynlee

elektronist: Very good idea to take this people shot. A great entry to this contest. The impression on the faces of the people is not "what is this?" but makes us think "what is this, they are watching?". Good luck in the contest, my friend.


4th place
In&Out by zunazet

billyoneshot: A good entry and good luck!

LynEve: Congratulations - excellent entry.

Fifthbeatle: Excellent job and congrats!

J_E_F: Hard drives?

Are you going to say what it is??????

Eubeen: I think you might have voided the warranty to get this shot. Good focus work in the photo and nice lines. Best of luck in the contest.

5th place
What is it? by krt

billyoneshot: I am thinking it has to be a sculpture of some sort. I think it is a very good capture with good texture and I allso think it will do very well in the contest.

edoctober: Definitely a intermelofractialis, caught in peak season too. But it could use a few of those green round dipludots top left as well just to balance the composition. Great colors.