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Ended 07/30/17 6:15 AM GMT
Winner: tigger3 (See the full results)

1st place
Tunnel Vision by tigger3

LynEve: I think this is perfect for the contest Sandi !.

corngrowth: Think you're not dealing with claustrophobia, Sandi, ☺ .

If this will be your contest entry: a good and appropriate one. Good Luck with it my friend!

tigger3 received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Getting An Eiffel Looking Up by gr8fulted

Flmngseabass: No luck needed evidently with a strong 2nd place win!!! Congrats Ted for this amazing sot:)

GomekFlorida: Nice perspective!

questjester: Congratulations, Ted! :)

Flmngseabass: This is fantastic Ted!!! Great angle of course and great editing!!!! "Eiffel" good looking at this:):):) Good luck in the contest:)

gr8fulted received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
"Crossing the Arno River" by icedancer

Vickid: Stupendous capture on this, really provides a unique view that is so impressive. Excellent!

Nikoneer: Looks like the river wall is as colorful as some of the buildings, covered with graffiti, even when it's painted out. The river channel appears to have been straightened out and controlled by turning it almost into a canal, over the many years that it's been "civilized", a common method of flood control. As wide as it is here the source must be a long way off.... so I looked for it. According to the atlas, the Arno runs over half the width of Italy, originating in the Tuscany mountains. I wonder what this view looks like at night with the windows lit and maybe boat lights on the water. Will be watching for more.


4th place
Artist At Work by bfrank

LynEve: That is very clever and a great entry Frank.

Lightpainter: Interesting idea. The stinger of the bee hints that we should "get the point."

Flmngseabass: Congrats on this fine render Frank!!!!

Dunstickin: Amazing artistry Frank!...I really do like the idea!...

Very good luck in the contest mate!

5th place
Take A Look by jerseygurl

GomekFlorida: Great composition against the sky with puffy clouds. I am sure this is an awesome place to spot many different species of birds.

Nikoneer: Definitely looks like a great place for a shutter bug to hang out. Marshes and swamps are a haven for a mess of species and subspecies, so are we going to be treated to submissions of birds, bugs and flora native to this area?