Contest Results: My Town - Take It Or Leave It

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Ended 04/06/15 4:15 AM GMT
Winner: stylo (See the full results)

1st place
Sleepless in Brooklyn by stylo

mesmerized: Congratulations, Chris, on your first place win...well deserved!

FlimBB: this is a great manip!. I do love your work - you put a lot of thought and all of your heart into it.

icedancer: Gorgeous old building with beautiful brick and stone work, also like the cool store off to the left, looks like great things to check out. That's one old water tank and your post work makes a fabulous posting

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2nd place
Death of a Square by 0930_23

jerseygurl: Congrats on second place Tick!!! I really liked your entry.

LynEve: Very well presented Tick.
The combined photos remind me of a disaster area - which in a way it is, stretched out over 10 years. Such a shame to see the hearts of small towns destroyed.
Best of luck in the contest.

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3rd place
wednesday evenings at the port by solita17

0930_23: Very ingenious HF.
A great entry.


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mac39: I was impressed by this capture, found it very creative!

jerseygurl: An excellent and creative shot - you must enter this in the contest!!! Sounds like a cool place to hang out on Wednesday evenings during the summer!!! Superb work Mary!!!:-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!!

4th place
Paramount Cinema by Jimbobedsel

Starglow: Looks to be a fine structure yet and in use. You are lucky to have one. Nice angle on the building.

taynsn: Excellent shot Jimbob, times past and times present! The street lamps, the bench, and the cleanlyness tend, I think, to reveal a character of your Freemont that I think all its citizens can be deeply content with.

I particularly like the composition of the point-of-view; one can see it as emphasizing the importance of the building over the other main element, the marque; the photograph can be seen as saying 'This is us, even in modern times'.

5th place
Easton collage by gonedigital

Eubeen: You could always throw a dart at them and pick the one it lands in. Great shots and collage. Best of luck in the contest.

FlimBB: Grats on your contest win, Phil. A good idea to represent several aspects of your town.